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China wholesale Climate Control For Livestock - Side Wall Inlets – SSG

It is specially designed for optimal climate, with accurate open and close, can regulate air flow and ventilation level in house by advance climate control. Maintenance free with no additional operation cost.


1 The sidewall inlets are made of high standard ABS plastic material, with UV stabilized added to ensure strong anti-aging function with long lifespan.

2 Special design shape of inlets offers excellent sealing the building airtight.

3 Steel parts are made of stainless steel to protect against of harsh environment.

Accessories Available

Air direction baffles, inlet cover, light trap etc

Air entering through properly designed sidewall inlets (also known as vents) will allow the air jet to attach to the ceiling, travel along the ceiling until it makes it to the center of the house, and gently move down towards the floor. It is essential to maximize the travel distance along the ceiling so the cool incoming air will be sufficiently heated by the warm air collecting at the ceiling. The mixing of the cook, damp air with the warm air at the top of the house is great for air mixing, but the uniform temperature being created isn't automatically the greatest benefit to be reaped from this system.

The sidewall inlets supplying by us help to keep your air clean, lower your heating costs, and improve litter quality. As the intensive livestock industry is evolving, house design and construction are evolving too. The basic principles for ideal air mixing become more difficult to achieve in the wider houses without the correct equipment. The wall inlets from us has a curved blade that has the ideal design to achieve complete air mixing in houses. The curved blade helps direct more air across the ceiling and creates an efficient air jet that will reach the center of these wider houses with ease.