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China Cheap price Poultry Keeping Equipment – Farrowing Crate for Pig House – SSG

What is farrowing crate?
Pig farrowing crates are metal crates within a pen where pregnant sows are placed prior to giving birth. Farrowing crates prevent the sows from turning around and only allow them to move a little forwards and backwards.
Alongside the farrowing crate, within the pen, there is a “creep area” for the sow’s piglets. The piglets are able to reach the sow’s teats to suckle but she is prevented from being able to clean or interact with them.

​What is a farrowing crate used for?
After giving birth to piglets, there is a possibility that the sow will crush them. A fully-grown sow can weigh around 200 - 250 kg, a piglet, on the other hand, weighs just one to two kilos. So, if she accidentally steps or even lays down on one of her newly born piglets, she can injure or even kill them.
The bars of the farrowing crate allow the sow to stand up and lay down, reducing the risk of harming her piglets.

What are the advantages of farrowing crates?
Farrowing crates make for a more economical way of keeping sows indoors since a typical crate allows for a sow and her litter to be kept in an area of roughly three and a half metres square. They also reduce the possibility of accidental infant mortality and hence increase production and economic return.


1 The length and width of the sow pen is adjustable, and suit for different size of sow as it grows.

2 Anti pressing bar, slow down the speed of sow lying , protect the piglet from pressing.

3 Adjustable bar in the lower part of the sow pen, more comfortable for the sow lie-down,easy suckling.

4 Stainless steel feed trough, easy for disassembly and washing.

5 Piglets PVC panel, nice insulation effect, high strength and easy to clean and disinfect, good for piglet health.

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