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Special Design for Motor Gearbox For Ventilation - Motor Gearbox for Livestock Curtain Ventilation – SSG

Nature ventilation is one of the best ventilation system for livestock welfare, Our motor gearboxes of 3GG have been served for this livestock ventilation for many years. They have been developed to give accurate control over the climate inside the livestock house. They are specially designed for livestock curtain ventilation. With strong self-braking gearbox, it provides reliable performance even in very harsh environment, we have different models with different speed, torque, voltage to meet client requirements for different application. For many years, consistently we perfect our motor gearbox drive system, winding drum, all other hardware parts, to perfect build our curtain system, for livestock ventilation, like poultry, swine and dairy. We also developed different curtain systems for different applications, such as roll up, roll over, top down etc.


1 Strong self-braking capability, manual release design for power failure emergency 2 build-in limit switch securing accurate of the ventilation 3 the built-in potentiometer ensures precise positioning feedback 4 thermal protection of motor prevents motor work overloading 5 All in solutions for agriculture curtain system

Benefits for Our Motor Gearbox

Reliable performance, precise and accuracy, long life service, friendly use and easy to install, professional for livestock harsh environment.