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Rack and Pinion Tunnel Door System

The system is driven by rack and pinion, motor gearbox and related accessories. Detailed configuration depends on actual application size. Components include motor gearbox with sprocket, rack, pinion, bearing plate and sash bracket.

1 Motor grearbox Features:
A. Strong self-braking capability,manual releas edesign for power failure emergency
B. build-in limit switch securing accurate of the ventilation
C. the built-in potentiometer ensures precise positioning feedback
D. thermal protection of moto rprevent smotor work overloading
F. Slow rotation speed motor ensure accurate air flow in

2 Rack Features:
Our rack is made of Q235 steel with zinc coating 275g/m2, good performance to anti rust in the humid enviroment. It is divided into curved and straight type, rack length can be customized.

3 Pinion:
The Pinion works with 1" steel pipe, the gear of pinion is made of different materials, like powder metallury or stainless steel.

4 Bearing Plate:
It is made of 3mm thickness Q235 steel sheet with Zinc coating 275g/m2. It is generally installed every 0.5m-1m, providing enough strength to support the whole system.

5 Sash Bracket:
It is used to connect the tunnel door and rack, made of aluminum alloy.

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