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Plastic Slat Flooring for Sow

Our blue plastic flooring for pigs uses a high-tech injection molding process, and uses first quality polypropylene polymer to create a durable, long-lasting plastic flooring solution for nursery pigs and farrowing barn installations. Our plastic slat floor is available in multiple grid configurations and sizes that will be suitable to any building plan.

Plastic flooring is easily power-washed and sanitized between pig groups, allowing growers to create the best possible starting environment for young pigs with less developed immune systems than older pigs

Plastic slat floor is more thermally conductive than traditional metal floor, making it easier and more affordable to provide a warmer, comfortable environment for young pigs

Support beam supports and optional support legs are adaptable to provide a sturdy support for our interlocking plastic flooring in any design situation, Tailor made size is available


1. Keep the pig stall clean and healthy environment.

2. Reduce the contacts between pig and dung.

3. Corrosion resistant, easy to clean, reduce labor for cleaning

4. Protective effect to the piglets .

5. Provide a superior farrowing platform.

6. Effective manure filtration, easy to clean and install.