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Planetary Motor Gearbox for Livestock Ventilation

Its robust construction make the planetary gearboxes, in combination with DC/AC motors, ideal for high torque, high performance applications. Our planetary gear motor is specially designed for livestock housing, ventilation, hoisting applications.

The planetary gear motor design displaces the load over multiple planetary gears allowing it to better handle heavier loads than other motor styles. The planetary gears are synchronized allowing them to deliver consistent torque, providing a greater output capacity overall. The design of planetary gears is very efficient at retaining lubricant allowing these small motors to operate at high speed. For this reason, planetary gear motors perform best when high torque is needed.

Advantages of Kingzo® Planetary Gear Motors

Planetary gear motors are a smart choice for a variety of applications. Some of the advantages of choosing a planetary gear include:

●Compact and sturdy built
● Easily adjustable adjust limit switch
●Protection of IP55
●Low maintenance
●Extended gear life
●three years warranty

Our planetary gear motor drives are mainly used for livestock curtain ventilation and poly vent ventilation