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OEM/ODM Factory Single Shaft Motor Gearbox - Attic Inlets for Livestock Ventilation – SSG

Attic inlet is an efficient, compact inlet for ceiling constructions that will direct fresh air into the pig house through the attic space. The ceiling inlet design ensures optimum regulation of air flow, air speed, and air direction relative to the temperature and layout of the house

Dual stream inlets include foam filled insulated doors, and an airtight seal on all four sides for maximum energy efficiency. The distinctive curved door design moves air into the building across the ceiling for proper mixing, not down toward the floor creating drafts on your animals.


1 Curved “European style” door design to enhance performance

2 Unique curved inlet door design jettisons air along the ceiling for proper mixing

3 Foam filled insulated doors are energy efficient

4 Sealed inlet doors:
– Continuous, solid rubber, double pivot hinge between inlet doors
– Continuous rubber edge cushion on top of inlet doors
– Nylon sweeps on sides of inlet doors

5 Entire inlet has strong channel construction

6 Corrosion resistant
Minimal assembly required for easy installation

7 Can add our motor gear box to control your attic inlet system