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Motor Gearbox for Hoisting Solution in Livestock Shed

Hoisting systems from 3GG motor gear provide poultry and hog farmers with ideal winching solutions to lift equipment such as heaters, drinking and feeding lines, or to position nesting systems and slatted floors etc We have developed drive systems to equip pig dispensers, to equip laying hen, breeding and broiler production houses. Our 3GG motor gearbox is specially designed for livestock application, big torque and strong self-braking capability, ensure its reliable performance in very harsh environment.


1 Strong self-braking capability and big torque 2 build in limit switch securing accurate of the hoisting movement 3 thermal protection of motor prevents motor work overloading

Benefits for Our Motor Gearbox

Reliable performance, precise and accuracy, long life service, friendly use and easy to install, professional for livestock harsh environment.