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Hot New Products Cross Ventilation Dairy Barn - Panel Fans for Dairy Barn Ventilation – SSG

Panel Fans were developed for extracting air. That’s why they were placed inside a wall.  Due to their easy installation option, panel Fans can also be used for various circulation applications. This includes cooling of machinery and production processes or circulating the air in a room.

These fans are composed of corrosion-resistant materials such as high-tech engineering plastics, treated metals making them very suitable for usage in harsh environments.


1 Fan Housing and Venturi are made of strong SUPERDYMA coated steel sheet;

2 Central hub and V-belt pulley are made from die-cast aluminum;

3 Propeller is statically and dynamically balanced ;

4 Special threaded bushes on fan’s side panels permit the fan to be easily hung.

5 Standard suitable for ambient temperatures up to 40 oC

6 Water and dust resistant fan motor (IP55)

7 Low noise level