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Fast delivery Guide Bracket For Roll Up Gear Motor - Roll Up Curtain System for Intensive Livestock – SSG

The Roll Up curtain system, in terms of natural ventilation, is one of the the most common and popular system since its easy operate and control, less maintenance. The sidewall opening can be up to 4 meter which is then split into two systems with each opening having a curtain that is permanently fastened along the top; or it can be used of double rolling from the bottom which wraps the fabric around it as it travels up underneath the centre. There are a number of variations. Each curtain can be automatically controlled by a thermostat or each curtain can be manually operated. Note: there are wall opening situations where there can be 3 or more Roll-Up curtains made to close up the wall.


1 Manual and motorized drive are available, end drive or center drives are available

2 Maximum opening can be 4.8 meter (middle roll up), and maximum length of curtain can be 120 meter depends on different motor drive

3 Single/double/middle roll up in options, fully adjustable for min winter ventilation or max summer ventilation

4 Easy installation and free of maintenance, tight and neat curtain of the barn

5 Can be control with thermostat, temperature sensor


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