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Fast delivery Guide Bracket For Roll Up Gear Motor - Direct Drive Exhaust Fan – SSG

The Koolmax® Exhaust Fan is a 57" fan that features the direct drive, permanent magnet motor which is high energy efficiency. The housing and frame is made of fibreglass preventing rust and corrosion in any environment. And the Exhaust fan has an additional includes sealing doors that seal out air and light when closed, the sealing door is ( patented pending) very good for cold temperature climate, with which can have a very air tight function to prevent heat emission during winter season. The Exhaust Fan is designed to operate in the full range from minimum winter ventilation to maximum power using basic 0-10 volt control relays which eliminates the need for smaller fans.


1 Energy efficient, save Up to 70% energy compared with traditional fan

2 High resistance to corrosion environment due to fiberglass housing

3 High performance up to 100 meter, under 75MPa

4 Blade made of reinforced nylon fiberglass

5 Seal door is available for additional airtight purpose

6 Easy to assemble and good for freight efficiency


Poultry house, pig house, dairy house, greenhouse etc


Our 57” Exhaust Fan uses the direct drive technology, a excellent direct drive permanent magnet motor, by which can get rid of belting drive issues, like changing bearing and belt etc. With fiberglass housing, and blade, it is free of corrosion under harsh environment. We also offer Sealing doors that has a very air and light tight when closed.

It is designed to operate in the full range from minimum ventilation to maximum power using basic 0-10 volt control signal which abandons the smaller fans. Because of the high performance of the fan, You can use 25% fewer fans on your next project making it your cost effective option.


All fans should be cleaned regularly by removing accumulated dirt and debris on louvers, blades and motors to improve performance. Dirt that clogs your fan motor will cause it to run hot, and will reduce the life of your motor, can will also caused high cost of energy bill.