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Chinese wholesale Staged Environment Control - Ceiling Inlets for Ventilation – SSG

Ceiling inlet is an efficient, compact inlet for ceiling constructions that will direct fresh air into the pig house through the attic space. The ceiling inlet design ensures optimum regulation of air flow, air speed, and air direction relative to the temperature and layout of the house.


1 Frame is made of high quality ABS material, side flaps are made of PVC material with UV stabilized additive, can extend the inlet lifespan.

2 with excellent insulated material,has very good air tight function, can keep heat in without heat loss when the flaps closing

3 smooth and reliable operation, whole ceiling system can operate by actuator or manual winch

The ceiling Inlet has aerodynamic, curved insulated blades that direct attic air along the hog barn ceiling for the most efficient air mixing inlet in the market, its square design promotes precision air movement during minimum ventilation by using a smaller opening, increasing the air jet throw of the entering air. Smaller openings promote increased velocity of air entering the room, resulting in better air distribution and mixing.

Inlet can be single or double pull and is customized for your hog operation. Air Inlet is in the shut-off position, it has been proven to seal up better for reduced fuel usage and have minimal air leakage compared to the competition in the industry.

The Inlet Housing and blades are made of virgin PVC for durability to harsh environment.