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China Supplier Ceiling Inlet - Galvanized Cone Fan for Intensive Livestock – SSG

Galvanized butterfly cone Wall Fan is known for their robust housing and low maintenance levels. The fan combines high air output with low energy consumption.

These fans can easily be installed in a wall. The Fans are supplied with an aluminum shutter as standard. The frame is made of G90 metal sheet with high resistance to the corrosion. The blade if made of stainless steel, and balance test for blade made sure the weight between each blade is same.

Features and Benefits

1 Maximize air flow
High-strength stainless steel blade with advanced aerodynamic technology that provides large air flow; And cone outlet enables the wind direction more concentrated, air flow larger, more energy saving and noise reduction.

2 Energy efficient
IP55 waterproof and dust-proof protection, F class insulation, ultra-efficient motor with 85% efficiency enables animal producers to save breeding costs and increase profits.

3 High resistance
Box housing and cone are made of “X” gauge galvanized sheet-steel with 275g/㎡ zinc layer coating, which enables to withstand the harsh environment of the livestock shed.

4 Long Durability
Belt drive, with high standard belt, made of neoprene composite materials and fiberglass cord core, that provides high strength, good wear resistance, high flexibility and high tensile resistance.

5 Good Air tightness
The shutter is automatically open and close by a centrifugal push-pull device, which ensures air tightness and prevents light penetration.

6 Wide Application
Can be widely used in all kinds of livestock shed, greenhouse, warehouse etc.


All fans should be cleaned regularly by removing accumulated dirt and debris on louvers, blades and motors to improve performance. Dirt that clogs your fan motor will cause it to run hot, and will reduce the life of your motor, can will also caused high cost of energy bill.


Poultry house, swine house, dairy shed, greenhouse etc