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Cheapest Price Rain Sensor - SSG BINGO TOUCH Climate Controller for poultry and hog house – SSG

Intelligent and efficient SSG Environment Controller can automatically control the opening angle of the deflector according to the indoor temperature range and the air unit in the building,and can automatically control the opening angle of the side window according to the external temperature range and the negative pressure in the building, and control the water curtain according to the external ambient temperature and the temperature in the building, which is more efficient and scientific.   Safe and Stable SSG Environment Controller can give multiple alarms in case of environmental abnormality and equipment failure. The alarm notification of the abnormality is more accurate, which reduced the breeding risk and make the breeding more safe; The whole machine body is waterproof, moisture-proof and dust-proof, and operate smooth.   Accurate wind control SSG Environment Controller can automatically adjust the speed of variable fan.With 16 groups of constant speed fans are configured, and the maximum ventilation level can reach 24, which can meet the different ventilation requirements of livestock and poultry houses.