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2021 wholesale price Roll Over Curtain For Dairy - Top Down Curtain System for Dairy Barn Ventilation – SSG

Top down curtain system is the simplest and least expensive curtain ventilation system in the market, The curtain is permanently fastened along the bottom of the wall opening and then lowered (opened) from the top by a cable system using either by motor gearbox drive or manual drive. By opening the curtain from the top it allows the cooler air to enter high up along the sidewall which prevent the animal from cold stress.


1 Manual and automatic options are available
2 Maximum opening of 2.4 meter, and maximum length of curtain can be 60 meter
3 End drive and middle drive options are available
4 Easy installation and free of maintenance
5 Wind pockets are installed at both ends

Our curtain fabric is made of woven PE fabric, with both sides coated of PE film, which can ensure it is long service life, and high resistance to unexpected high impact. The plastic resin for the fabric is added of UV inhibitor, can maximize life of the curtain.

Durable and sturdy built Motor gearbox is available as an option for auto control method by thermostat controller, the motor gearbox is integrated with limit switch, which can set up height of curtain limit as desired, further more, the gear motor can equipped with potentiometer to ensure accurate opening size for designed ventilation for the livestock house.